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What is MRC?

Fascinated by the idea of discovering the world of Robotics through online platforms, My Robotics Club aims to be the leading robotics and coding (STEM) programme for kids in Malaysia and International. We believe that we can nurture thousands of students each day. Our exciting programmes develops core STEM skills that students apply to other subjects and their future careers. 

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What People Say About Us 


My son loves the MRC kit and sessions. For him, science is fun unlike what I felt in my childhood. 

Rajajaaperumal • Malaysia

The robotics program held by MRC gave a big impact towards student's understanding and skills regarding robotics. 

 Ts.Dr. Tafizam• School Teacher

I really appreciate the presence of MRC in our school. My students were excited by all the activities conducted.

 Mrs Jeet• School Teacher

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