About US

What Is MRC

Fascinated by the idea of discovering the world of Robotics through online platforms, My Robotics Club aims to be the leading robotics and coding (STEM) programme for kids in Malaysia and International. We believe that we can nurture thousands of students each day. Our exciting programmes develops core STEM skills that students apply to other subjects and their future careers. We are passionate about it, and our mission is to help them achieve. 

Vision & Mission


To be the best Robotic & STEM education platform in Southeast Asia. 


Advance and better human society through quality education.


To facilitate students to explore, learn and understand robotics in a more in-depth way outside of school.

To provide a platform for students express their skills, knowledge and creativity through designing and programming robots. 

To nurture a passion for STEM in the younger generation of Malaysians. 

Our Core Values

Self-confidence and independence in learning by enhancing fundamental

Empowering children through joy of learning

Exploration and Innovation through self-progression 


Build foundation by ensuring continuous support to key success factors of learning


Our Team

Ahmad Kamil Ahmad Badli Sah

General Manager, TechCapital MyRO Sdn. Bhd.


Hafiz Ahmad Borhanudin Abdullah

Head Trainer, My Robotics Club (MRC)